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  • Estill Voice Training Level I&II LEEDS Jul 2020

    Course Information

    Level I & II - Full 5 Day Course

    13-17 July 2020
    'Early Bird' Available until 30th April 2020

    Presented by
    Charlotte Xerri EMCI-TP
    Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Testing Privileges


    SarahStephenson EMT
    Estill Master Trainer

    3 Quarry Hill, Leeds. LS2 7PD

    We're happy to be returning to the

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    Level I&II £675
    'Early Bird' Available until 30th April 2020
    Normal price £750

    Level I
    only - £450
    Level II only - £300

    Estill Voice International has changed the process for providing course Workbooks.
    Purchase your Workbooks directly from Estill Voice International HERE.
    They will be delivered and waiting for you at your course venue.

    Level I Days 1-3

    13-15 July 2020
    9.00am - 6pm

    Figures for Voice
    (including an overview of vocal anatomy & physiology)

    Level II Days 4-5

    16-17 July 2020
    9.00am - 6pm

    Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities

    You will be introduced to each new concept lecture-style with audio and visual illustrations then move into small groups to explore the Figures (vocal exercises) & Voice Qualities in more detail.

    During practice groups you will work on your own voice and observe changes in others.

    You can opt to take part in an OPEN COACHING session which ends the day on the last day of Level I and both days of Level II. Receive model-specific individual coaching on a song or spoken piece of your choice.
    Apply, share and hear Estill solutions at work.
    There will be a pianist available for those who wish to bring some music. 

    These courses are for anyone new or returning to the Estill Model, a singer, actor, public speaker, teacher, performer or vocal health professional.

    • Anatomy & Physiology Presentation • Make your own Larynx Model • Timetable
    • Hot beverage refreshments during each day.

    Once your course is complete you'll also get access to the
    • Voice Your Potential Alumni community on Slack where you can keep in touch with others, share, get support & have fun!

    • ESTILL Voice Training Level I&II Workbooks
    Purchase your Workbooks directly from Estill Voice International.
    • Accommodation • Meals

    Occasionally times & venue may change from that previously posted.
    Should this be necessary participants will be notified via email immediately.


    Level I&II £675
    'Early Bird'
    Available until 30th April 2020
    Normal price £750

    Level I only - £450
    Level II only - £300