• Estill Master Trainer (EMT) September 2019

    Course Information

    Estill Master Trainer - (EMT) Pathway 2019
    formerly Certified Master Teacher (CMT)

    To apply - Request for Mentorship


    Charlotte Xerri EMCI-TP


    Venue TBA

    EMT Pathway

    It is possible for the process, Phase One and Phase Two, to be completed within a three year time frame.
    The length of Phase Two may vary due to personal circumstances.

    The prerequisites for the EMT pathway are attendance at two Level I & II courses and EFP Certification.


    The Phase One Course

    The Phase One course is designed to prepare you for a written exam, a Voiceprint Exam and for the Observed Teaching which forms Phase Two of the process.
    Please refer to the Certification Manual 5.0 (download here) for details of the written and Voiceprint examination protocols.


    The written exam - July 2020
    Voiceprint exam - to be scheduled by agreement

    Monthly Sessions - Fridays - 10am-4pm

    Email Support

    Mentees will receive email support throughout the process, including written feedback on monthly submissions of Voiceprints.

    Estill Master Trainer Candidate – EMT-C

    PHASE TWO – YEAR 2 & 3

    Email Support

    Email support will continue to be available in Phase Two to provide the necessary continuity in preparation for observed teaching.

    To apply - Request for Mentorship